General Intelletics

 We provide software to gather large Fact sets efficiently

Fact sets of comprising up to 15,000 individual Facts are required to solve complex decision and structuring problems in the insurance, financial services, health care, sciences, education, consumer and legal fields. The Fact universe is typically the same each time, however, the actual Facts to be gathered in each instance vary depending on the situation

An example is the structuring of an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) for a large project. The universe of approximately 3,000 Facts required to structure an OCIP is constant, but the actual Facts to be gathered vary depending on the project. A mine, for example, requires a different Fact set than a pipeline. An open pit gold mine requires a different Fact set than an underground diamond mine

A General Intelletics Intellist® includes the Fact universe for a particular problem type, and uses artificial intelligence to learn and guide a user through the thousands of required Facts for their specific project. It dynamically identifies actual and possible issues, recommends solutions and eliminates extraneous Facts. The result is the correct and efficient collection of only but all Facts required to solve the problem

Intellist® users benefit from increased profitability and reduced risk as compared to traditional Fact gathering approaches

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